Aatukwood's Back in Time at Jakara

Owned by Julie Anthony
Am & Can. Ch. Kokura Yama  JP King  Don Juan

Finished with 5 majors first month in USA

Owner;  Kazuyuki Yama

Pictures pending -

Ch. Zuran's Epic Road - Jan Ballard ( Mt )
Boston Terrier

Ch. Denlar's Cherry Blossom of Zuran
Japanese Chin - Zuran

Ch. Denlar's Rising Sun of Zuran
Japanese Chin - Zuran

Am/Can Ch. Picasso's Sophisticated Style


Owner - K. Yama   
Am/Can. Grand Ch. Hi-Leigh's Ready'R
Not Here I Come

Top Ranked in USA
Owned by Emilie Flynn
Kelowna, BC
    Jay Jay
Am/Can Spec. Ch. Will O' Wisp Li'l Jay
Jay Chips
#4 USA 2001
AOM NY Progressive 2002
BOS National Specialty
Owned by: P Burgus
Bred by: Millie F. Williams

Ch. Genbrook's Formal Attire
# 1 USA
American, Canadian, Champion of
Americas, Mexican, World Champion
National Specialty Best of Breed
Owned by: Richard & Rio Bellon
        "Charlie Chin"

Ch. Touche's Hot Wheels
Ch. Almar's En Vogue

" Ruby Rose"

Owned by Wayne & Nancy Nash


Ch. The Lionlady Hekuma Matata
Ch. Denlar's Rising Sun of   Zuran


Bred by Dennis Larson
Ch. Chichipin (Hoover) Mex.

World, Americas, Mexican, ARBA,
Canadian Champion

Bred & owned by: Patty Hoover
Ch. Charkara Rocket Paws


owned by Steve & Ginny  
Marden          Havre, Mt
Am Gr Ch/Can CH Picasso's  Diamond   


Owned by Emilie Flynn
Kelowna, BC
Ch. Baird Hill Suri Cruise

3 back to back majors

Owned by Cindy Peterson
Estacada, Oregon
American & Canadian Ch.
HiLeigh's Golden Glory


Owned by Emilie Flynn
Kelowna, BC
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