Gallery Of Stars



Ch. Lionlady Hakuma Matata

Ch. Denlar's Rising Sun of Zuran

Bred by Dennis Larson

Ch. Chichipin (Hoover) Mex.

World, Americas, Mexican, ARBA, Canadian Champion
Bred & owned by: Patty Hoover

Ch. Charkara Rocket Paws

owned by Steve & Ginny
Marden Havre, Mt

Am Gr Ch/Can CH Picasso's Diamond Jubilee

Owned by Emilie Flynn
Kelowna, BC

Ch. Baird Hill Suri Cruise

3 back to back majors
Owned by Cindy Peterson Estacada, Oregon

American & Canadian Ch. HiLeigh's Golden Glory

Owned by Emilie Flynn
Kelowna, BC

Champion Astukwood's Back in Time at Jakara

Owned by Julie Anthony

Am & Can. Ch. Kokura Yama JP King Don Juan

Finished with 5 majors first month in USA Owner; Kazuyuki Yama

Am/Can Ch. Picasso's Sophisticated Style

Owner - K. Yama

Am/Can. Grand Champion Hi-Leigh's Ready'R Not Here I Come

Top Ranked in USA
Owned by Emilie Flynn Kelowna, BC

Am/Can Spec. Ch. Will O' Wisp Li'l Jay Jay Chips

#4 USA 2001 AOM NY Progressive 2002 BOS National Specialty
Owned by: P Burgus
Bred by: Millie F. Williams

Ch. Genbrook's Formal Attire

# 1 USA American, Canadian, Champion of Americas, Mexican, World Champion National Specialty Best of Breed
Owned by: Richard & Rio Bellon

Ch. Baird Hill's Epic Legend -

Specialty BOW following in his sire's footsteps - Sweeps/BOW at the BTC of Portland, Ore at 7 mo. of age.

Charlie Chin

Ch. Touche's Hot Wheels

Ch. Zuran's Golden Boy

Finished with back to back majors


Owned by - Steve & Ginny Marden
Havre, Mt.

Ch. Zuran's Point Taken

Owner - Jenni Rodin - WA

Ch. Zuran's Reigning

(Am.Can.Jap.Ch. Cutie Doll's
Apollon X
Ch. Burgundy Lil Skyla ( Top
Producer 2008)
Owner - Julie Anthony

Ch. Kokura Yama
JP Silent Rose


Owned by
Kazuyuki Yama
2011 CCA National Special
Best in Show

Ch Keepsakes
Prince of Tides at Zuran

Finished with back
to back majors!

Owned by
Carole Paulson & Zuran

Ch. Zuran's
Good As Gold

Owner; Korea

Am & Can Ch. Kokura Yama JP
Northern Revenge

Owner - Kazuyuki Yama

Am/Can/Thai Ch.
HiLeigh's Blazing

owned by Emilie Flynn
Kelowna, BC

Ch. Kokura Yama JP Grand of Mystery

Owned by Kazuyuki Yama Japan

Natl Spec. BOB Ch Kokura Yama JP Success Story

Sena's very 1st show in the USA - BOB from the classes at the hosting CCA Nat. Spec. Sena finished with 3 majors and ended # 5 ranking.
Owned by - Kazuyuki Yama Japan

Ch. Kokura Yama JP Overwhelming

Owner -Kazuyuki Yama Japan

Multi Ch. Burgundy 'lil Wizard - ROM

# 2 - Breed - USA - 2000
# 2 - Group System
BOS - Chihuahua National Specialty 2000 (largest entry in history)
Award of Merit at Westminster 2000
Owned by: Yuniko Sakai
Bred by: Jan Lotze

Suvikasteen "Rollo"
Top-titled Chihuahua in the World

FCI World, International, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Estonia, Mexico, Americas, USA, Japan & Asian Champion Specialty Best in Show National Chihuahua Club of America Owned by: Kunio Ozaki & Hisayoshi Kadowaki

SBIS Ch. Kokura Yama JP
Silent Rose

SBIS Ch. Kokura Yama JP Silent Rose Sally finished 2010 as #9 (Breed) and #6
(all Breed )
She is pictured here winning Best in Show at the Chihuahua Club of America.
Breeder/owner - K Yama